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On-Site Taxidermy Services

Tundra Taxidermy will be on-site this hunting season to ensure proper handling of your trophies and offer our taxidermy services.  We are able to personally deliver and install the finished mounts for the majority of our U.S. clients as part of our customer service. Pricing for this varies depending on the size of the piece, and the delivery location.

We are experienced in shipping wildlife trophies worldwide and in the European, Australian, Mexican and U.S. regulations associated with the importation of wildlife from Canada.

The Outfitters benefitting from our enhanced services this hunting season are:

Camp Ekwo

Now for Sale
Replica Antlers of the World-Record Deer are now being offered for sale by Tundra Taxidermy.   The impressive "Hanson Buck"  measures 213 5/8 B&C.  We are creating a piece right now with the replicas and will post it here soon for your enjoyment.